Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thankfully Reading Weekend Day 3 and Mini- Challenge #2

I have loved participating in this event. I like how relaxed it is with plenty of time for reading and a few mini-challenges for those times I need my blogging fix. I finished only one book so far...Between Friends by Kristy Kiernan. It was my first Kristy Kiernan read and I loved it! I will be starting a new book in a bit. Not sure which one yet. I have three I really want to read and having a hard time choosing which one will win out.

Mini-Challenge #2 is hosted by Candace of Beth Fish Reads. We were to photograph our TBR pile or a bookshelf or several as the case may be for some. Like me. I only photographed one of my many bookshelves because we are in desperate need of a new camera. After fighting with it, I did get one picture out of the old camera. My son then gave me the ads and said "we need a new camera!" Any who...I have 3 small bookshelves around the house and I still have stacks of books stashed here and there. My name is Beth and I am a bookaholic! Below is one of my many TBR bookshelves. Ignore the's the maids weekend off..I hear she is reading. Oh wait... that's me. I'll get right on that...maybe... tomorrow.


  1. Glad you got a camera to work! Next year, I'll have to come up with a non-technical task. LOL.

    Anyway, I'm a bookaholic too and I love the look of your bookcase because that's what most of mine look like too -- books piled on top of books. Love it.

  2. Piles are a sign of a devout book lover :)


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