Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mailbox Monday May 20

My Mailbox Monday post is a day late. Yesterday was my birthday, a very BIG birthday. A birthday I have been dreading. All I will say is I don't feel as old as I am. Anywho..I received some great books this past week so I wanted to be sure to share them with you.

This month's MM host is 4 the LOVE of BOOKS.

I am so excited about my first book! I love Beth Hoffman! She is such a sweetheart. Beth sent me a signed copy which I will always treasure! I found this book in my mail after work at 11:00 last night. It was all I could do not to start to read it. I knew that once I started I would have a hard time putting it down! Thank you again, Beth! I will be starting this one today! I can't wait!

Looking For Me by Beth Hoffman

These two books I received through Amazon Vine.

Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham

And Then I Found You by Patti Callahan Henry

That is what I received last week. What wonderful reads made their way into your home?

Friday, May 17, 2013

Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman for $2.99

It is no secret that one of my very favorite authors, Beth Hoffman has a new novel coming out later this month! I am so looking forward to reading Beth's new novel, Looking For Me. Beth is one of the first author's who became a friend when my blog was fairly new. She is such a lovely, warm person which comes out in her writing. She writes the type of stories I adore! It's also no secret that I love a good bargain!

Today, in anticipation of the release of Looking For Me, you can purchase Beth's first novel, Saving CeeCee Honeycutt for just $2.99. It is a wonderful story that warmed my heart! You can read my review here. You can check out Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman here. The e-book is available in all platforms. If you missed this novel, you should purchase it today! You won't be disappointed! $2.99 is a great deal for this wonderful novel!

Don't Go by Lisa Scottoline

Summary from Goodreads

Bestselling author Lisa Scottoline has thrilled millions with her emotionally-charged novels that feature strong women exploring the boundaries of family, justice, and love. In Don’t Go, she breaks new ground and delivers the story of a soldier who discovers what it means to be a man, a father, and ultimately, a hero.When Dr. Mike Scanlon is called to serve as an army doctor in Afghanistan, he’s acutely aware of the dangers he’ll face and the hardships it will cause his wife Chloe and newborn baby. And deep inside, he doesn’t think of himself as a warrior, but a healer.

However, in an ironic turn of events, as Mike operates on a wounded soldier in a war-torn country, Chloe dies at home in the suburbs, in an apparent household accident. Devastated, he returns home to bury her, only to discover that the life he left behind has fallen apart. His medical practice is in jeopardy, and he is a complete stranger to the only family he has left - his precious baby girl. Worse, he learns a shocking secret that sends him into a downward spiral.

Ultimately, Mike realizes that the most important battle of his life faces him on the home front and he’ll have to put it all on the line to save what’s dearest to him – his family. Gripping, thrilling, and profoundly emotional, Don’t Go is Lisa Scottoline at her finest.

My Thoughts

This was the first Lisa Scottoline book I have read but it won't be my last! I am not a big suspense book reader but I this book grabbed my attention.

The book starts out with a woman, Chloe, who is dying on her kitchen floor. Someone walks in and instead of helping her, walks out the door. Who was it? Was it the murderer? Who would want to kill this young mother and wife I was hooked!

The story then shifts to her husband, Mike who is deployed in Afghanistan. Mike deals with not only the death of his loving wife, but also deals with the effects of war. When Mike comes home from Afghanistan he has so much to overcome. His infant daughter doesn't know him, his in laws don't understand him, and he is obsessed with solving the questions surrounding his wife's death.

The book kept me guessing as to who murdered Chloe. The rest of the story was a bit predictable and maybe a bit far fetched but it did keep me reading. I I enjoyed the combination of suspense and drama. There was more to the story than just someone being murdered and who did it. I found this book entertaining and will be reading this author again.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mailbox Monday May 6

I missed Mailbox Monday yesterday. Life has been busy here. And to top it off, spring has FINALLY arrived here. My yard sure needed some serious attention and it took up much of my spare time. It's slowly looking good and hopefully will be ready for planting flowers and some veggies soon. I hope everyone is enjoying some nice weather. Winter sure has been a long one here in the Midwest! I can hardly wait to get outside to read in the mornings before going to work.

My mother had her CT scan. Her tumor is shrinking. They may stop her chemo treatments soon. She finally has some energy and is feeling pretty good. Thank you all for your well wishes, thoughts and prayers. They all mean so much and I do believe that it all helps!

I received some books for review and purchased a couple of books from my must read list. This month Mailbox Monday is being hosted by 4 the LOVE of BOOKS.

The Best of Us by Sarah Pekkanen(purchased)

The House At The End of Hope Street by Menna van Prag (purchased)

Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham(Courtesy of Amazon Vine)

And Then I Found You by Patti Callahan Henry (Courtesy of Amazon Vine)

Have you read any of these books?

I am hoping to get some book reviews posted soon. I have been reading but am behind on reviewing.