Sunday, September 5, 2010

To Your Dog's Health

To Your Dog's Health by Mark Poveromo

I was given the opportunity to read this book after seeing it in Caribou's Mom's mailbox. Lisa, the online publicist got a hold of me and thought I might like to read the book also. I have one dog with food issues/allergies and another who is getting older and has to watch his weight. I found the book to be very helpful in knowing what to look for in dog food and to make an educated decision on what to feed my dogs. Mark takes a more holistic approach to feeding and we have found that is what works for our guys here too. There is information on what to look for in a dog food, feeding a raw diet, feeding a dog with cancer or kidney disease and some information on vaccines and supplements. Each chapter in the book also has a cute paw print with a tip inside it. It is a very interesting book to read especially after all the pet food recalls in recent years. The book was easy to read and understand.

Mark Poveromo
is not only the author of the book but owns a pet food business and has raised several Labs, up to 11 at a time! I'd say he knows his dog food with that many mouths to feed! I recommend this book to people who are wanting to know more about the food they are feeding their dogs or for those who are considering the raw diet.

Thank you to Lisa, the online publicist for sending me this book for my honest opinion.


  1. Nice review! Sounds like a very helpful book for dog owners.

  2. Beth, I also read and reviewed this book. I found it informative and fun to read. :)


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