Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall Catch-up Readathon

I just caught wind of this yesterday. Today looking at my piles of books that are needing to be read, I decided to go ahead and participate as much as I can. It seems like a pretty relaxed sort of readathon. It is being hosted by Michelle at The True Book Addict.

I am hoping to finish the following books:

I'm not sure what I will read after I finish those. I tend to be a mood reader most of the time. It depends where the mood takes me next! Join in on the fun! I'll try to post some updates during the week.


  1. This is the first I am hearing of this read-a-thon.

  2. This is DEFINATELY something I should do. I am so woefully behind in my reading, review and otherwise. Good luck!

  3. Welcome to the read-a-thon! Hope you enjoy yourself this week. Happy reading!

    Be sure to check back tomorrow for the mini-challenge!

  4. Still Missing has been on my radar for awhile. Glad you joined the read-a-thon!


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