Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dewey's Readathon Wrapup and Lasagna Recipe

My wrap-up post is going to be short and sweet. Somewhere about midnight last night, I realized I had been sleeping for awhile when my book smacked me in the face. I tried to start reading again when I felt my eyes getting heavy. I decided it was time for bed. I slept clear through until 10 this morning! I must have needed some sleep.

I didn't finish the book I was reading but I did make a huge dent in it. I did a couple of mini-challenges. I did manage to visit some new to me blogs and also made stops at some favorite blogs. I took a very relaxed approach to the readathon this time. As always, I had a great time!

I did make some Crockpot Lasagna yesterday which was delicious. If you want the recipe you can find it here. The recipe is posted on the Crockin' Girls website where they even have a video where they show you how to make it. I have their cookbook which is delightful. I have made several of the recipes in it and have been pleased with all of them.

I am looking forward to the April readathon and hope it falls on my weekend off again.


  1. I fell asleep around 10:30 last night!! Got up at 8 am! I love the RAT and will do another round of movie watching in April. Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Your post made me chuckle! I could see falling asleep like that in the readathon. :)


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