Thursday, March 24, 2011

Get Lucky

Get Lucky by Katherine Center

Summary from Goodreads

Sarah Harper isn’t sure if the stupid decisions she sometimes makes are good choices in disguise—or if they’re really just stupid. But either way, after forwarding an inappropriate email to her entire company, she suddenly finds herself out of a job.

So she goes home to Houston—and her sister, Mackie—for Thanksgiving. But before Sarah can share her troubles with her sister, she learns that Mackie has some woes of her own: After years of trying, Mackie’s given up on having a baby—and plans to sell on eBay the entire nursery she’s set up. Which gives Sarah a brilliant idea—an idea that could fix everyone’s problems. An idea that gives Sarah the chance to take care of her big sister for once—instead of the other way around.

But nothing worthwhile is ever easy. After a decade away, Sarah is forced to confront one ghost from her past after another: the father she’s lost touch with, the memories of her mother, the sweet guy she dumped horribly in high school. Soon everything that matters is on the line—and Sarah can only hope that by changing her life she has changed her luck, too.

My Thoughts

I won this book from Mary at Bookfan last May! I'd say I'm a bit behind in my reading, wouldn't you? I needed a quick, light read last month for the Just For Fun Challenge hosted by Dollycas's Thoughts and this book practically jumped off the shelf into my hands! The picture on the cover had me thinking of summer while winter seems to be hanging on to us here in the Midwest. I had previously read Everyone is Beautiful by Katherine Center and loved it. The covers on her book are really adorable and the stories are fun and light. I entered a giveaway for Get Lucky and was thrilled to win it. Thank you Mary!

I enjoyed this book so much! When Sarah loses her job because she sends a highly inappropriate email to her entire company, I was ready to really dislike her. It just seemed like such an immature thing to do. By the end of the book I decided Sarah had redeemed herself and while I didn't always agree with her actions, I found her to be very likable. Sarah goes home to Houston to visit her sister for Thanksgiving to think of what her next move should be. While there she learns her sister, Mackie (love that name!)can not have the baby she so desperately wants. So Sarah offers to carry a baby for her. I kind of felt like she offered on a whim and I was afraid this could turn out to be a disaster. Along the way Sarah deals with many ghosts from her past and by facing her past grows and learns that she can be lucky in life. This was a nice light book but it also has some substance to it. It deals with subjects that can sometimes be a challenge in life while at other times I found myself laughing at some of Sarah's antics. I highly recommend this book and Everyone is Beautiful. I am hoping to find and read Katherine's other book, The Bright Side of Disaster.

This was my February read for the Just For Fun Reading Challenge


  1. I love Katherine Center. She was the first author that I spotlighted on my blog. I've read two of her books and look forward to many more.

  2. Yay! Glad you enjoyed it. I loved Everyone is Beautiful too.

  3. I thought this book was great too and I was glad when Sarah redeemed herself in the end.

  4. Oh, this does sound like a good read. I'm going to have to add this to my wish list. What a good review.

  5. I really enjoyed this book, too. Center's writing is so much fun!


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