Monday, December 12, 2011

Mailbox Monday December 12

Happy Monday! The weekend sure was short! I was busy getting the living room ready for the tree. The tree is up and that is it. It is bare, not an ornament or a light on it yet. We get a real tree and this tree was very closed up. I gave it a fresh cut and trim, plopped it in some water and am waiting for the branches to finish relaxing. One year we made the mistake of decorating the tree right away and woke up the next morning to ornaments and lights on the floor. Hopefully we can decorate it tonight.

In other news, I have decided I am not happy with my weight. I was one of those gals others loved to hate. I could eat a whopper with cheese, a large fry and a milkshake and not gain a pound. Those days are over! Long gone those days are! Oh how I miss those days! I can not eat anything and I still gain weight. I avoid the scale. This weekend I was cleaning and decided to step on the scale. BIG MISTAKE! Let's just say it was shocking! I don't think I weighed this much when I was pregnant. Changes are coming to my diet. I did manage 1 hour on the treadmill on Saturday where I read 100 pages while walking. It's time to eat right and get moving. Any helpful tips anyone has would be more than welcome!

Now that I have totally depressed us all, on to Mailbox Monday! Mailbox Monday is the creation of Marcia from A Girl and Her Books. The meme is on tour and this month's host is Jenny Q at Let Them Read Books. Be sure to check out Jenny Q's fabulous blog! Thank you for hosting, Jenny!

I really didn't receive any books in my mailbox but did buy a couple of books on my Nook after reading reviews for two of this author's books on CMash Loves to Read. Cheryl's review had me curious and then I saw I already had one of this author's book on my nook. They all sounded like reads I would like. Thank you Cheryl for the review and the recommendations! I will let you know how I like them all!

Spinning by Michale Baron

When You Went Away by Michael Baron

I already owned this one but it is also by the same author so I included a link to it.

A Winter Discovery by Michael Baronhref

No review books or wins here but that is okay. Slow weeks are when I take a deep breath and try to do some catching up!

I am off to munch on some celery sticks. What wonderful books made their way into your home?


  1. I've heard good things about Michael Baron's books. Enjoy!

  2. I have not read that author yet--hope they're good books!

    I lost and have kept off 20 pounds with Weight Watchers online. I also try to walk everyday, and listening to audiobooks when walking keeps me motivated!

  3. I can completely relate to your situation. I used to be able to eat anything and stay thin until my thyroid stopped working the way it's supposed to. Ever since then it's been an uphill battle (and my addiction to coffee cart drinks & fast food didn't help). It's been easier for me to pass on the fast food since I have read some articles about some of the ingredients. The coffee cart and sweets are still temptations regardless.

    I've had the most success tracking what I eat on Good luck with your weight loss journey!

  4. I love the idea of being on the treadmill and reading at the same time. Enjoy your books!

  5. Although you can't read while doing them, if you have a wii - i absolutely recommend the zumba and just dance games - the sweat you work up while doing them is amazing. and who doesn't love dancing? my next purchase will be the wii fit plus but i can't bring myself to buy it while not on sale

  6. Hi Beth,

    Michael Baron is a new author to me, but one that I have already added to my list. The synopses for all of these books sounds intriguing and emotionally challenging and I just love the cover art on 'A Winter Discovery'.

    I can totally relate to the weight issues, however being able to do anything about it becomes more of a challenge the older you get. I don't think that I actually eat a great deal during the day, but the pounds keep piling on, seems to belie that thought.

    I am at the stage now where I am totally disgusted by myself, so perhaps 2012 will be the catalyst for a new me, back to the size 8 I was on my wedding day, some thirty three years ago!

    Enjoy your books and have a great week.


  7. A Winter Discovery looks cold and chilly! Enjoy your new books :)

  8. I was never one of those gals who could eat anything and not gain any weight. Every pound I gain shows on me, so I always have to watch what I eat. And I avoid the scale at all costs. Maybe once every other year I step on it. This time of year is the worst in terms of eating healthy. Good luck to all of us!

  9. Michael Baron is good. I think you'll like him.

    I need to lose weight BIG TIME! I've always been overweight all my life, and my weight is constantly up and down. Right now, I am NOT HAPPY at ALL! We can help encourage each other. :D

  10. These are ones I'll need to look up; hope you enjoy them Beth.

  11. I used to get pretty upset with my weight but now I'm just like oh well, as long as I don't gain more I'm okay with it. I've tried to diet...sick of it. My body tends to like a certain weight and when I stay there I really don't gain. Good Luck with your health endeavor...who knows your new habits may rub off on me!! :D
    Enjoy your new reads.

  12. These books are all new to me. I hope you enjoy them all.

    I can't believe Christmas is coming so fast! I think exercising needs to be done in moderation and try to find something you enjoy. Walking and reading sounds very appealing to me.

  13. Hi Beth,
    I just wanted to let you know that though I don't always leave comments, I do follow your blog.

    I enjoy reading your reviews and am glad to see that you're enjoying some of the titles previously reviewed at my blog.

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and don't stress to much about your weight. Life's too short for that!

    Take care,

  14. I'm in the mood for seasonal reads so A Winter Discovery catches my eye.

    Enjoy all your books!

  15. The weight thing has been a battle since I hit my last major milestone birthday...another lovely bonus to getting older, lol.

    I have found that keeping a food/exercise journal helps to keep me focused.


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