Monday, September 19, 2011

It's Monday again! Time for another Mailbox Monday post. Mailbox Monday is the creation of Marcia from A Girl and Her Books. The meme is on tour and this month's host is Amused By Books.

It's a rainy Monday here this morning, which is a good thing. We have not had hardly any rain in the past month. My lawn will be happy again. It was looking brown and crusty.

My mailbox is very full this week. I went down to Illinois to pick up dog food and meds for the beasts and drove past Borders. There was a huge banner on the store that said "Last 3 Days!" I am sure you can see where this is going. I parked and the parking lot was pretty empty. There were a few cars but it was not hopping like usual.

I walked into see a big barren store with scatterings of bookshelves, some empty, some full. I thought this will be a quick run through, not expecting to find anything. It looked very picked over. 25 books later, I was checking out. In all fairness, 9 are for my mom. She reads every day and I found some christian fiction books for her. (I did not list those books). I didn't pay more than $2.70 a book! And after my order was totaled. The cashier took off another 15%. Then she told me to come back Friday before 3 for better deals. I resisted and did not go back. I kind of had mixed emotions. I got some really great deals but was very sad to see the store closing.

I did receive two books in my actual mailbox, one I won from Gaby at Starting Fresh. Thank you Gaby! I also ordered one that has been on my wishlist and I found on the B&N sale for $2.99. My momma raised a bargain shopper!

Take a gander and enjoy! I kind of panic when I see all these books, wondering when the heck am I gonna find time to read them all.

The Things We Share by Pam Jenoff
This was my won from Gaby. Thank you again Gaby! I love Pam Jenoff! If you haven't read any of her books, give them a try.

Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter by Tom Franklin This was on my wish list for a very long time so I was excited to see it on sale. I have seen many great reviews for this one.

I did not link the rest of these books.

My Reading Life by Pat Conroy
Daily Guideposts 2011
With Love and Laughter, John Ritter by Amy Yasbeck
Little Princes: One Man's Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal by Conor Grennan

Joy For Beginners by Erica Bauermeister
The Gap Year by Sarah Bird
To Be Sung Underwater by Tom McNeal
The Arrivals by Meg Mitchell Moore
The Moment by Douglas Kennedy

The Sweetgum Ladies Knit for Love by Beth Patillo
Charlotte Figg Takes Over Paradise by Joyce Magnin
Georgia's Kitchen by Jenny Nelson
Free to a Good Home by Eve Marie Mont
Reunion by Therese Fowler
How Clarissa Burden Learned to Fly by Connie May Fowler

I just realized the last two authors have the same last name. Interesting. Have you read any of these books and if so did you like them?

So that is my mailbox. What lovely books made their way into your home?


  1. I love the Fall Mailbox...very cute! It looks like you got a lot of great books at the sale. I'm particularly interested in The Things We Cherished. I have never read Pam Jenoff. I'll definitely give her a try. I know what you mean about the TBR list...mine was so big before I started blogging and now it's growing by the minute. I'm like you...I don't know how I'll ever read them all. I always feel like I'm behind, but it sure is fun trying to catch up! Love you blog!!!

  2. Wow, lots and lots of great books! Little Princes is amazing, I loved it. Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter is on my wishlist. Many of these are new to me. Happy reading!

  3. WOW! You scored big time!!! I just got Joy For Beginners and Georgia's Kitchen - both look amazing! The Gap Year and The Arrivals are both on my wishlist. Therese Fowler is excellent! So happy for you - great week.

  4. I enjoyed The Things We Cherished and Free to a Good Home. Enjoy all your new books!

    It is sad to see Borders go, but it's hard to resist such a discount!

  5. Wow! You got some great books. I went to Borders last week for the last time and I had mixed feelings too. I got some great deals on some books, but I was so sad to see Borders close!

  6. I took advantage of Borders closing too. There is one in the mall where I work, so I was stalking it almost daily! I hope you like Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter as much as I did--it is one of my favorites from this year.

  7. Oh, I love a good sale! Sad reason, though, huh?

    I enjoyed Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter and Reunion.

    Hope you enjoy all of your books, and thanks for visiting my blog.

  8. That is one full mailbox! I hope you enjoy all of your new reads!

  9. Ah, Beth, I understand the bittersweet feeling of a last trip to Borders. You got some great books though. I can recommend JOY FOR BEGINNERS and THE GAP YEAR. Loved both of them. Enjoy your treasures!!

  10. A really packed mailbox, enjoy!

  11. The Things We Cherished and Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter sounds very good. Enjoy all the books!

  12. Ooh, so many good books! (Or at least books that sound good to me!) The only one of your books that I've read is Joy for Beginners, which I loved. I know what you mean about feeling a bit panicked by the size of the TBR pile! Hope you enjoy them all!

  13. Wow, you got yourself a lot of really good books at a great deal! Therese Fowler is a great author - I've really enjoyed her books. I really liked Joy for Beginners as well. I have a few others of these in my piles somewhere. You have a lot of good reading ahead of you! And yes, who could possibly resist a book sale - certainly not I!

  14. Great haul! Crooked Letter is on my wishlist, too. I picked up a copy of Conroy's Reading Life and gave it to a friend. Enjoy all of those new books!

  15. OMG OMG OMG. What a whopping MAILBOX! Plus you got Crooked Letter Crooked Letter! When it rains - the books come ;)

  16. wow! you got so many great books! hope you enjoy them all!

  17. Looks like you hot the jackpot at the Borders closing!

    As a reader I think you'll enjoy Pat Conroy's My Reading Life. In it he discusses not only what/who inspired his writing, but he also singles out a lot of noteworthy reads. In fact, it is b/c of his love of War & Peace that I picked up Tolstoy's masterpiece.

    Enjoy all your books!

  18. You bought some good books! I enjoyed Crooked Letter. I see The Arrivals. I bought it over the summer but haven't read it yet. Maybe in the new year *sigh*

  19. What a great haul you had! I see a few I've been looking at.

  20. Who could resist a terrific sale like this Beth. You were powerless I am sure...LOL I am sad when any store closes....books or otherwise.

  21. Great haul! It was probably a good thing that there wasn't a Borders in my area, I don't think I could have restrained myself :) Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter has been on my radar for awhile. Happy reading!!


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