Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Southern Belle Challenge

I know I need to join another challenge like I need a hole in my head but I couldn't resist this one! I adore Southern fiction. Some of my very favorite reads are set in the South, so I am looking forward to participating in this challenge. Be sure to check out the sign up post. It is being posted by Brenda Gail at Curling Up With A Good Book.


  1. Good luck! I think I'll check this one out. Thanks for posting.

  2. Good luck with the challenge. I love Southern Fiction, I'll be looking out for your reviews.

  3. You know how much I adore books set in the South! What a fun challenge. I'll be checking back to read your reviews!

  4. Another lover of Southern Fiction here :)
    Good luck with the challenge. I would recommend The Reservoir by John Milliken Thompson which just came out recently. Great gothic story.


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