Monday, July 26, 2010

Mailbox Monday July 26

Mailbox Monday is a meme where you can post what books came into your home during the week. It is hosted by Marcia over at The Printed Page. Go on over and check it out. Mailbox Monday will be going on a blog tour. Every month a different blog will be hosting Mailbox Monday. Sounds like fun, right? You can check out the schedule on The Printed Page. The hostess for August is Chick Loves Lit

This week was a crazy week here. I bought a few books (two flew into my cart at Target...really they did!), I received a win and I received some review books.

For Review

One Day by David Nicholls from Vintage Contemporaries

Angel Song by Sheils Walsh and Kathryn Cushman from Booksneeze

How to Be an American Housewife by Margaret Dilloway from Librarything Early Reviewers


Backseat Strangers by Joshliyn Jackson, audiobooks won from Zia at My Life In Not So Many Words Thank You Zia!

I Bought

the jumping books are:

One Season of Sunshine by Julia London

Summer At Tiffany by Marjorie Hart

I bought used online:

Drawing In The Dust by Zoe Klein

Now I am off to see what wonderful reads were in your mailbox! Have a great Monday!


  1. You've got some good'uns-- happy reading!

  2. great books!

    one day does look good! so does 'how to be an american housewife'.

    hope you enjoy your books! i'll be looking forward to reading your reviews.

  3. Enjoy all of your new books! :)

  4. I just started Summer at Tiffany today!

  5. That is too cool that we won from the same place. I like your idea of a lottery ticket. What's your 3 favorite numbers? Maybe I'll go get a ticket.

    I also got One Day.


  6. I've had books jump into my cart like that, too - I think they're looking for a good home. You're in for a treat with Backseat Saints.

  7. I have One Day in my huge TBR pile..I hope it's good!

  8. I love that the books came flying into your cart at Targets ;)

    Will be on lookout for flying books at my local bookstore... Hmmm maybe I'll just go shopping with you next time :)

    Nice loot and have a great reading week!

  9. Nice book pile. Thanks for visiting mine

  10. I have a love/hate relationship with those cart-diving books at Target. I love wallet hates 'em!

  11. Looks like you have some great ones! I'm currently reading a book won from Library Thing.

  12. Great books this week. Can't wait to see what you have to say about One Season of Sunshine by Julia London :)

  13. I've heard lots of great things about One Day and Backyard Saints - enjoy!

  14. I like jumping books too! They're like the jumping chocolate chip cookies that I came home with this weekend.

    I got How To Be An American Housewife from LT also. It looks like a good one.

  15. I need to buy Summer At Tiffany by Marjorie Hart for a book club read.

    I have Backseat Saints too!

  16. I finished How to Be an American Housewife yesterday, and I loved it. Happy reading!

  17. Great lot of books. I love how those books just flew into your cart. Too funny!

  18. Lot of good books there - lucky you! Enjoy them!

  19. I LOVE jumping books. . . never thot of it and gave me a big smile. But what other explanation could there be?

    You've got some good ones. Can't wait to hear what you think of them.


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