Friday, February 26, 2010

Making Toast

Making Toast by Roger Rosenblatt

Synopsis(from Barnes and Noble)

When his daughter, Amy, died suddenly of a heart condition, Roger Rosenblatt and his wife moved in with their son-in-law and their three young grandchildren. His story tells how a family makes the possible out of the impossible.

My thoughts

This book was sad but not depressingly sad. When their daughter Amy dies unexpectedly, Roger and Ginny Rosenblatt move in with their son in law to help raise their three grandchildren, Jessica, Sammy and James (aka Bubbies). You can tell it is both painful and comforting at the same time for them to take over Amy's role as parent. There are many touching moments in this book such as when Sammy lies on the floor in the same position they found his mother in. I think the grandchildren really help Roger and Ginny through the grief of losing their daughter. Roger tells little tales of Amy's life, intertwined with stories of dealing with grief and stories of their new daily life with their grandchildren. This book tells the story of how one can be very grief-stricken but still continue on. I found myself both feeling their pain and laughing at the antics of the children. It is a very honest memoir. Probably one of the most honest I have ever read. This was a quick read and I found it very touching and beautifully done.

I received this ARC for review courtesy of through EccoBooks through Shelf Awareness.


  1. Nice review. I have an award for you at The Crowded Leaf. Happy Friday!

  2. I must have missed this one on Shelf Awareness as I would love to have read it. I really enjoy honest memoirs that are not glossed over, so I may buy this one.

    BTW today is your lucky day as I am joining Alayne in giving you an award

  3. I think this sounds like a great memoir!

  4. Great review Beth; I liked this one too --sad story but well done.


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